Kim’s Story

She’s been known to hop fences just to grab glimpses of forbidden gardens—hardly the decorum one would expect from this petite garden club gal who happens to believe the more daring the caper the better.

Kim Visokey gets her GARDENFREAK! on by crashing other gardens.

A breathtaking view of the garden.

Her favorite fuel is a dirty martini and a loud backyard sound system. In Kim Visokey’s world there’s nothing more rewarding than hitting her chaise lounge with a cool drink in her dirty hands after a rigorous day in the garden. “Nobody can ever claim that Kim Visokey’s stay-at-home motherhood years were dull,” claims a childhood friend who’s seen her unquenchable passion for all things garden take root.

How did all this garden insanity begin? During the day, while Kim’s three kids and husband were off doing their thing, Kim put her abundant creative energy to work by transforming an ordinary acre in suburban Chicago into a horticultural haven. The former advertising creative and founder of FIT TV has a penchant for getting down and dirty no matter what job she tackles. Self taught and totally irreverent, Kim went about learning the horticulture rules and then breaking them. She enlisted the help of experts, gleaned what she liked by visiting every garden she could, and then came home to make her mark on her swath of Earth. So notable is her garden now, that The Garden Club of America, The Garden Conservancy and even Google Earth couldn’t help but take notice.

Kim Visokey’s bold garden style can be seen from heaven!

Indeed, Kim Visokey is a new breed of gardener—a cultivar so sassy, curious and unafraid, that her friends, family and local garden community request tours, enlist her advice and endearingly refer to her as The GARDENFREAK!. Kim embraces the moniker and has made it the basis for her new media and merchandise lifestyle brand. One she hopes will inspire a whole new generation to express themselves with the same creativity and abandon that Kim has applied to her own garden.