“Visokey’s own garden evolved as an extension of her homemaking, and she thought of the outdoors as the next frontier in design.”

“Their products are aimed at making gardening fashionably sassy.”

“She designed a sublime collection of gardening apparel and accessories that celebrate a modern approach to time spent both in and out of the garden.”

“Kim Visokey’s love affair with gardening reads like something out of the enchanting children’s tale, The Secret Garden.”

“Kim Visokey transformed the lawn of her 1-acre property to a pair of intersecting spiral labyrinths.”

“There was no master plan, but over the years the garden slowly took shape, evolving into the masterpiece it is today.”

“This garden is a lesson in optimism, patience and perseverance.”

“The contrast of colors, textures, [of her garden] and shapes turns these garden borders into works of art.”

“Kim Visokey had plenty to say about exploring gardens of all types, experimentation as education, and building her brand, GardenFreak.”

“She has now transformed a typical suburban backyard into a horticultural destination.”

“The Visokey Garden in Winnetka, Ill., embodies precise and graceful modern geometry, repetition, color, texture and scale”